WOD Tape
WOD Tape


WOD Tape

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3.8cm x 6.8m
Premium glue that won't leave any residues on your nails & fingers, provides the maximum grip and maximum flexibility to smash the toughest workouts.
With 3.8 cm width that's not too wide or too narrow and 6.8 m length to last long before you need to buy again!
  • STRETCHY & ADHESIVE: has the perfect amount of stretch and is extremely adhesive, which means it stays put until you're done training.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO APPLY: incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is peel it and stick it to any area that tends to rub against your thumb and cause sores or calluses.
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: It is created using both horizontal and vertical threading in order to ensure the maximum coverage and durability.
  • COMFORTABLE & PROTECTIVE: adds just enough cushion where you need it in order to keep your thumbs protected while you get some reps in at the gym. It's also backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!