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No More Calluses. The Handcare Guide For CrossFit Athletes!

, by Yasser Ibrahim, 2 min reading time

CrossFit athletes constantly subject their hands to intense strain when working with barbells and bar rigs, where they lift, pull, push, and swing heavy weights. These demands often result in the development of hand calluses, which are essentially badges of honor for dedicated CrossFit enthusiasts.

Understanding Hand Calluses

Hand calluses are thickened areas of skin, typically located on the upper part of the palm, that experience more friction and pressure when gripping a bar or any other equipment. This repetitive friction can lead to the formation of blisters. Over time, as these blisters heal, they transform into toughened, circular patches of skin. These calluses serve as a natural defense mechanism, offering some protection to your hands against the rigors of CrossFit training and reducing the likelihood of painful tearing.

The Causes of Hand Calluses in CrossFit

For individuals new to CrossFit or functional fitness, hand calluses can be a common occurrence as their hands adapt to the demands of gripping bars and handling heavy weights. Initially, this adjustment phase may result in frequent tearing and blistering of the skin, leading to painful wounds that hinder your ability to grip bars comfortably.

Preventing Hand Calluses

The adage "prevention is the cure" holds true when it comes to hand calluses in CrossFit. Taking proactive measures to prevent the development of calluses and minimize the risk of torn skin during workouts is essential.


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