Wrist Wrap (Black*Grey) - GeneJack
Wrist Wrap (Black*Grey) - GeneJack
Wrist Wrap (Black*Grey) - GeneJack

Wrist Wrap (Black*Grey)

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Ideal for Push workouts such as chest and shoulders

Why you need wrist support gear?

  • Wrist gear supports the wrist joint during that heavy workout, and gives you extra grip to focus the tension on the target muscles without compromising your wrist.
  • Without proper support the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension under load and result in injury.

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Additional information

  • Material: high grade 40% Elastic, 10% Polyester, 50% Cotton
  • Dimensions: 45.7 cm x 8.2 cm / 18" x 3.2"
  • Weight: 100 gms / 0.22 Ibs