"Healthy Candy" Hip Resistance Band (green-ish)
"Healthy Candy" Hip Resistance Band (green-ish)

"Healthy Candy" Hip Resistance Band (green-ish)

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Why you need hip resistance bands?

  • Achieve a toned strong lower body, and overall symmetrical body shape.
  • Prevent injury, support recovery and improve form.
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • One of the most effective ways to activate your muscles, particularly glutes.

GeneJack Bands

  • Will never break, roll or pinch, these bands are made from soft, skin-friendly & sturdy fabric that won’t slip up or down or roll during leg bands exercise.
  • Compact and lightweight, you can exercise anywhere, anytime, at home, outdoors, and in the gym. You won't skip your workout while traveling.

Included in your package

1 Healthy Candy band Moderate resistance level, in a breathable carrying mesh bag.


There are so many exercises you can perform with the hip bands including:

  • Hip Band Squats
  • Glute Bridge/Hip Thrusts
  • Abductor and Abductor Exercises
  • Walking Side/Forward Step
  • Thighs and Quad Workout

What is my size?


Small (Average thighs size)

Medium (Above average thighs size)

Band Length

13’’ (33 cm)

15” (38 cm)

Ideal for body weight

Under 144 lbs (65 Kgs)

Above 144 lbs (65 Kgs)

Ideal for

Slim and average size thighs

Above average size thighs