Tie Dye Ankle Socks from Hexxee for Genejack WOD


Tie Dye Ankle Socks

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Tie Dye Ankle Socks

Our classic HEXXEE Tie Dye colours now available in ankle socks.

We guarantee they will be the comfiest pairs of ankle socks you will ever wear!

They have been specifically designed to stay in place within your trainers (no sliding down) and allow the foot to breathe fully throughout any training session. Whether it's going for a run, gym, skipping, dancing... we got you. Trust us on this one!

What makes HEXXEE Socks unrivalled:

  • SUPREME PROTECTION - Our socks have built-in arch support with plush cloud-like cushioning at the ankle and forefoot to help absorb impact, thus preventing impact bruising. 
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Enhanced airflow across the top of the foot helps allow the foot to breathe featuring a snug, secure fit designed specifically to help 'hug' your foot.
  • ANTI BLISTER - Made with anti-abrasion fibres deep within the sock. Trialled and tested for long-distance running where rubbing is most common.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY - Enjoy the comfort of our deluxe blend on your feet. HEXXEE Socks are designed with four-yarn terry loops to create a supremely soft and supportive athletic sock.
  • CIRCULATION BENEFITS - 15 mmHg compression level socks, which set the standard for healthy circulation to the foot.

70% Dry fit Polyester, 20% Cotton and 10% Elastane

A single pair of HEXXEE socks have the ability to last for two years or longer when looked after and washed correctly. We recommend a machine wash in cold water no warmer than 30 degrees, or most preferred is a hand-wash in cold water to achieve the best results. 

HEXXEE socks can be pre-treated with fabric softener and stain remover but NOT bleach or boil, as this will damage your HEXXEE socks. 

We recommend hang drying HEXXEE socks.